こんばんは。 私も腑に..
by levin-ae-111 at 21:25
ウイック> levin-..
by Tukasa-gumi at 21:09
> levin-ae-1..
by Tukasa-gumi at 21:06
ウイックでは?? 秋篠..
by levin-ae-111 at 19:02
by levin-ae-111 at 18:58
>鍵コメ様 大手ではな..
by Tukasa-gumi at 23:36
>鍵コメさま 昨日聞い..
by Tukasa-gumi at 13:23
>鍵コメ様 コメントあ..
by Tukasa-gumi at 23:48
> levin-ae-1..
by Tukasa-gumi at 22:35
こんばんは。 この木は..
by levin-ae-111 at 21:05


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ニュージーランド『子宮頸がんワクチンの副反応』/ 動画

HPV vaccine has done this to my child.

Graphic Video Shows HPV Vaccine’s Horrific Side-Effects
29 Feb 2016


『インフルエンザワクチン内の気になる水銀量 添付資料』

『ワクチン接種後の障害 免疫遺伝子が関与』/ 毎日新聞


2015/07/09 に公開

This was a very hard video to post, my 12 yr old daughter was fine before her vaccine, now this is her life. We live in New Zealand and I thought our healthcare system was ok, we have been left to deal with this ourselves. I'm showing this because I want people to know what damage this vaccine can and does cause. Please research before deciding. I didn't :( sorry the audio wasn't the best, what I'm saying is "I've just carried Briar out of the bath as her legs keep collapsing, this is the amount of pain she is in after pain killers, that her pain feels like a 'big knife' in her legs, just over a year ago she could do all this, have a bath, play sport, just basically have a life, then the HPV vaccine happened and she can't do a thing, this is her life and this is the part nobody sees. I didn't want to cause her more pain but I wanted to show what her life is now." Thank you everyone for your support and advice, we will be starting I.v vit c shortly and I will keep you updated xxx Please feel free to leave comments, please also remember that I am just human, I made the decision to give her all 3 vaccines, based on my Drs telling me it was the best thing for her, I did not (at the time) even consider it was hpv vaccine that was causing her pain, it wasn't until I was able to take a step back and look at all the reasons for her decline in health. Of course I feel guilty, who wouldn't?! But this can no long be on just my shoulders. We all make the best decisions we can at the time with the information we have in front of us. Thank you to all those who have supported us! It really has been so positive from this horrible situation. Once again thank you xx I have created a Facebook page for anyone that would like to follow Briar's journey.
by tukasa-gumi | 2016-03-02 01:26 | 図書 | Comments(0)
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